About us

Our HQCS Team

Cleaning is a labor-intensive industry, and most of the labor is generally semi-skilled. All of our team go through a 5-year background check and a 5-day training prior to joining our team. We have strict random drug testing policy and safety compliance programs per the OSHA requirements. We carry liability insurance in excess of 1 thousand dollars and all employees are fully bonded.

We emphasize the importance of the individual and his contribution to the success of High Quality Cleaning Services Services. We encourage our team to ride themselves in their performance. As a service company, we are only as good as our team.


High Quality Cleaning Services Services carries a million dollar comprehensive general liability and property damage Insurance policy. A copy of the insurance will be provided.


A carefully outlined program is followed regarding locking entrance and office doors, following security system directions, and immediately reporting any potential security dangers to the appropriate emergency phone numbers.team